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Whether that is exterior or interior we can help! We are Licensed, bonded, insured and have awesome reviews you can be confident that we will exceed your expectations!

About Us

You want to have a good time and so do we! We are not just going to deliver a quality product but we want to make sure that we have fun and you have fun along the way! We will communicate with you when we are coming and going and you might catch us having a bit of fun on the job site within reason of course!

Our Services

No matter what we are doing we are going to keep going until your satisfied!

Custom Design

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to get your complex project whether its interior or exterior a proper bid. Rest assured that we can get there with a custom design! We can get you a ballpark of your project and if that works well for you then we can discuss design options to make sure everything you want is laid out on paper first!


Do you have a landing outside your home that you need replaced? Or, do you have a pool that you need a place to entertain your family and friends at? Look no further than the best deck builder in Southern WI! We can craft a variety of decks using a variety of materials to ensure that your deck last a lifetime! We can also add some decorative character to it like the picture you see here or we can keep it basic

Concrete and Flatwork

We got you covered for all of your concrete needs from basic sidewalks, driveways, to your fancy decorative concrete with stamps, boarders, color, and more! Reach out and let us know what you have in mind and we can help build on that thought and bring it to life!

Hardscape and Landscapes

There are some many fun things you can do with your front or backyard! Paver patios are one of those as well as a decorative wall along with a firepit to really bring together friends and family on those nights that you want to have some s'mores and dogs over the fire! Maybe you have an outdoor kitchen in mind? No problem! We work with several vendors to give you the best pricing on getting everything you have in mind done and at your house!


We offer full remodeling services from some minor drywall repairs to remodeling your entire basement, kitchen, or bath! These almost always require a design so we would definitely start there!

Drainage Solutions

Do you have water that gets in the basement when it rains? How about a pond that shows up after a storm that your dog likes to play in? I'm sure you enjoy the mess they bring back in with them when they are outside in the spring! Well, we can fix those drainage issues with some excavation, grading, or a yard drain. Every situation is different with these so call us so we can get out there right away so you don't need to worry about that water any longer!

The customer to the left had 2 springs in their yard. We were able to keep that water moving out of their yard and allowed them to have a solid yard again!

See What Our Customer Say About Us

Dan O

Graceful installed new above ground pool purchased from Bachmanns. The job was done right-needed a bit of excavating and Josh has all the tools. Pricing was very up front and accurate to the original quote. I was able to reach Josh by phone whenever I had a question and he was frequently on site with his crew.

EVERYONE associated with Graceful was very professional and courteous. I spent a lot of time around his crew and am impressed with the level of simple kindness shown to my family and my neighbors. Highly recommend this company.

Christian Weis

Graceful completely transformed my backyard from zero to hero in 6 weeks. We installed a semi in ground pool and added in a she shed, two patios and a rock terrace. Josh Stone the owner is hands on, he even brings his kids out to the sites to show them how to have a good work ethic. His work ethic translates to his staff as they were friendly, courteous, and busted their butts. As any construction projects there will always be changes, they were able to pivot every time we changed our minds. Josh gave great advice if something didn’t make sense that we wanted. He shopped around to get us the best deal on supplies. I decided to wait until we reopened the site a year later to write a review. Everything is just as it was last year and we are still thrilled with the work Graceful did.

John Hutchinson


Graceful was fantastic to work with. Josh set the appointment quickly, talked us through all of our options to correct our drainage problems, made suggestions to save some money and was able to schedule the work quickly.

His crew on site was very polite, efficient and did beautiful work. We couldn't be happier with the experience and the results have been wonderful! No more water problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

Do you provide design consultations?

Absolutely! We have design options for all of your outdoor needs as well as any interior needs also. The best way to be 100% certain on a large project for the estimate is to have a design done prior to the official bid. If that is not done there could be some guess work during the process that could result in change orders. Which we hate!

Is a design 100% needed?

No. A design is just a good idea to have done when you have a job that requires multiple trades. If you just want your driveway done or a little bit of landscaping done then there is no reason for a design first. If you want a pool with a waterfall, decorative concrete, mulch bed, with a gazebo on the patio with a couple water jets then I would highly recommend a design.

Do you warranty your work?

Absolutely! All craftsmanship has at least a 1 year warranty. Some projects like drainage and pavers have a 3 year warranty. Talk with a sale professional to find out more about the warranties that come with your project!

What is your timeline?

We do our best to be as forthtelling with our timeline as possible. We try to not book things out further than 8 weeks but sometimes that happens. We will keep you updated on any delays that may come along during a project(s) that are before yours.

Do you do everything in house?

Absolutely not. We do take care of the majority of our projects in house but sometimes we need to hire out a qualified sub-contractor to take on some additional work. We generally only work with the same sub contractors that we have vetted and have seen their work so rest assured that all warranties apply and your work will be done to your satisfaction guaranteed!

Can you help with obtaining permits

and approvals?

Absolutely! We can help getting all permits required for any of the projects that we work on. We will not bid a project that we can't pull a permit for nor work on something we are not qualified to work on.