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"Honey, don't use that side of the room, you know that it gets some water sometimes!.... Yes dear, i'll fix it!"

That is about the conversation I had with my wife a few months after I had ripped out the carpet of a freshly built room in our basement. She was going to put a storage container that had a crack in it on a wall that I knew leaked in the basement. I knew that I was in trouble if I didn’t get this fixed soon.  After going through countless different options we decided to make it into a big part of our company! We really enjoy keeping that water back away from your foundation and we make it a mission to make it so that you never have this conversation with your wife or hubby!

We service all commercial and Residential

French Drains

Our favorite way to move water away from your foundation is to install a french drain. The drain-tile we use stands behind their products for life! That means you get a lifetime structural warranty for the life of your building or home!

The best part about our drains is that you can barely tell that they are there! On this particular one pictured we installed artificial turf over the top of it and made it into a playground for preschoolers! You wouldn’t know it was there if you never seen under it. The most common top cover is just grass or sod. However, the sky is the limit and we can put it under just about everything.

If your property has a storm drain and depending on the city we can run it directly into the storm drain which is the most ideal situation. If you have no storm drain we can run it into a catch basin and it will drain out to a place on the property that can handle your rain water!


Grading is probably one of the oldest methods of making sure your home or business has water running away from the foundation. This still works today and it is a very common practice! 

Rough Grading – This is when we make sure there is slope but we don’t put a finish on the top. We leave it bare with soil or other material of your choosing. 

Finish Grading – This is when we will finish off the top layer. This could be with a rock bed, artificial turf, grass, sod, and many other options. 

Custom Options for you

There has not been any 2 projects the same yet! We understand that not every application will work perfectly for you so its important to have someone come out and give you a proper consultation. We want to really study your site and make sure that we come up with a solution for you and not just throw a bunch of mud at the wall and see what sticks. We want this to last forever, look good, and solve your problem! Temporary fixes are not what we are about!

What are you waiting for?

Click the link below or just call/texxt us right now. Day or night 608-999-0941! We will get someone out there right away and take a look at your drainage project!

Areas Served

For the right job, we will travel anywhere in the state within reason of course. However, we do prefer to stay closer to home which is Rock County, Dane County, Jefferson County,  Dodge County, Columbia County, and even parts of Sauk County, Waukesha County, Walworth County, and Green County. 

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